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Rules & Guidelines

Terms of Service

All aspects of rules, policies, rules enforcement, and sanction enforcement may be adjusted at the discretion of staff. Failure to follow the intent of rules and policies may result in the same enforcement as a failure to follow the rules as written.

Personal insults and/or verbal attacks outside of Roleplay situations as well as harassment / bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, hate speech, and all forms of targeted derogatory or abusive language will not be tolerated.

In Real Life threats and Doxxing will result in a permanent ban.

Cheating through external or internal systems to gain an advantage in game, or Abusing Exploits by using mechanical game information to gain an advantage within the game will result in a game ban..


A working quality microphone is required.

All members of the server must be over the age of 18.

All members of the server should be present on our Discord to receive the latest news, updates, and any changes of rules.

All Twitch Terms of Service (ToS), Twitch Community Guidelines, or Discord Terms of Service (Tos) must be followed on the server.

Members must not knowingly file a false report against another member of the community.


If you need to reach out to a member of staff on an official level, you should send a private message to the Modmail bot at the top of the member’s list on Discord (ModMail#5460).

Please Do Not Contact Staff directly.

Out of Character Etiquette

Interactions with Staff

Be respectful of all staff members, even in cases where you disagree with their decisions.

All staff members are players who volunteer their time to help other players. Many roles within the team are required to enforce server rules in which the decision may not favour you or your friends.

If you feel a mistake has occurred, all players are welcome to appeal the decision which will be reviewed by a team lead or server management.

Witch Hunts

This is calling out players or people in a public forum in such a manner as to encourage intentionally or not support from the larger community is discouraged. These tend to lead to situations getting out of control, feelings hurt, and can spill out to innocent people. Please follow the above guidance for Contacting Staff.

RP is RP

What happens in the game should stay in the game, what people say about your character in game is not a reflection of you outside of the game. While in the server you are expected to remain in character at all times.

In Character Etiquette

Basic Decency

Nobody is a main character in our world, and we make each other’s roleplay great in turn. If you think the roleplay you are in is boring, or you’re not enjoying it please stick it out. The other side might be having the greatest RP ever. Each player has their own story that they are making.

Roleplay is a collaborative experience, even if you and another character are at odds, you are both working together to create something meaningful and entertaining for each other, and those around you, this requires both giving and taking, and can sometimes involve ‘losing’ in the scenario.

Gross Roleplay (Torture, Grotesque Rp)

Players that wish to engage in torture, or other grotesque roleplay must seek OOC consent from all individuals involved in the scene prior. Roleplay of this nature should never be held in public, populated locations – e.g. jail cells.

Please be aware that some scenes may cause emotional stress for other players. Although this may not be totally avoidable, we aim to have a safe community for all.

No suicide RP is allowed in the server.

Character Naming

No character is allowed to have any offensive or racially motivated names, comedic character names are permitted but you MUST name your character with a realistic name within reason.


Metagaming is defined as reciting or acting upon information that is not known In Character that has the potential to limit or alter roleplay.

Some examples of Metagaming are:

  • Using Out Of Character Discord channels/voice to communicate In Character information.
  • Using the “Home Button” scoreboard to gain an advantage over Law Enforcement/Criminals in Heist scenarios.

Players are not permitted to sit in Voice Chat whilst playing Let’sRP as this may lead to unintentional metagaming.

Players should not reference their other characters (i.e cousins) as they would have never met that character. Where possible, players should not reference other characters played by a person to that individual.

Identifying a player by their voice is strictly prohibited and each character should be treated as an individual.


Powergaming can be defined as but is not limited to performing unrealistic actions which could gain an In-Character or Out-Of-Character advantage.

This includes the use of the /me command, which should be open-ended and allow for a proper response from other parties involved in situations that may require it.


Non-Roleplay is actions that can be considered unrealistic or promote a low standard of roleplay.

Some examples that may be considered a breach of this rule are listed below.

  • Using GTA mechanics to gain an advantage such as; wheeling motorcycles to gain a speed advantage.
  • Not roleplaying the effects of being injured and/or tazed.
  • Climbing terrain in vehicles that are not appropriate such as a sports vehicle climbing Mount Chiliad to escape from a Police chase. (EMS may use any vehicle to rescue players but must try to be as realistic as possible.)
  • Baiting Law Enforcement Officers into a situation that is not used as a distraction for a bigger scene.
  • Using the /carry command in unrealistic situations. An example of this would be, carrying an injured player whilst riding a motorcycle or if there are no spare seats in a car.
  • Robbing another player where it would be publicly seen by individuals, such as the area surrounding RHPD.
  • Being injured in hospital and once revived, immediately running from arresting officers.
  • The use of voice changers in an unrealistic manner.

Combat Logging

If you crash or disconnect during an active scenario, you must make an attempt to contact other players involved. If you do not know who plays the character, please reach out to the Let’sRP Staff team.

  • When a player returns they should be given any opportunity held prior such as; a reasonable gap in a chase.
  • Players are discouraged from instigating new scenarios if they are not sure if they have the time to complete or playthrough the scene.
  • If you are involved in criminal or LEO roleplay you must wait 15 minutes after a scenario is completed to allow for any follow-up roleplay such as; being found after a Heist.
  • You must not hide inside buildings or areas that are not accessible to other players such as; apartments or houses.

In the event an urgent matter does require an instant disconnect please make other players aware using the /OOC command.

Random Death Match / Vehicular Death Match [RDM/VDM]

Deathmatching is the act of attacking another player (including using a vehicle as a weapon) with little or no In-Character motive. Interactions that lead to an attack should include reasonable escalation such as aggressive behaviour, player robbery, or making a report to Law Enforcement.

Some examples of Deathmatching are:

  • Jay Walker is roleplaying in the back of Uwu Cafe with Mel Rose, with no prior interaction Sid Hunter shoots Mel Rose and runs away.
  • Jay Huxley is in active pursuit of a Lost MC member and sees another Lost MC Member walking to the apartments. Jay Huxley decides to run over the secondary Lost MC member.

Cinematic Shooting Guidelines

Let’sRP promotes cinematic shooting in order to facilitate a more immersive experience.

Where possible, we look to avoid taking shots to kill in order to preserve the longevity of the scene to enable streamers, content creators, and roleplayers alike the freedom to enjoy the roleplay before being taken out of the action.

We like to think of it as “Storm Trooper Shooting”. When you’re watching an action movie, in the heat of the moment you’ll see shots taken at walls, magazine racks, cars, etc. Allowing the immersion to build within a shootout. The same applies to roleplay situations within Let’sRP. We expect all players, no matter their faction (PD, Civ, or Crim), to adhere to this as it leads to more meaningful interaction. 

Roleplay Etiquette 

New Life Rule [NLR]

When your character is downed and incapacitated, they will enter the “bleeding out” state and an on-screen timer will begin.

If the timer runs out, your character will “pass out” and you will be presented with the option to “respawn.” At this point, you can still be revived by EMS staff which will allow your character to retain all of their memories and full inventory. 

However, if you choose to “respawn”, any information gained or actions taken within the scene which led to the incapacitation should be forgotten and are no longer a valid justification for any retaliatory actions taken as a result of that scene.

Other parties within the scene who were revived by EMS staff may choose to share information about the scene with your character, but equally may choose to share false information.

– Additional:

Players can not return to the area of death or be involved in the ongoing scene until the scene has finished and an additional 15 minutes of time has passed. 

Government factions such as; LEO & EMS may return to their duties but not be involved in the original scene.

Not Valuing Life [NVL]

Your characters can take risks within the grounds of roleplay, but you must show appropriate care and concern to preserve the safety of your characters.

Characters whose lives are in direct danger must roleplay to show fear and would, in turn, comply with demands given to them.

For ExampleA player with multiple guns pointed toward them is asked to get on the ground and place their hands up.

  • Players must not try to escape on foot or to mount into/onto vehicles when they are in direct danger.
  • If other players are distracted, the player in direct danger may take a risk to preserve their life but must accept the consequences of their actions.
  • If the player has a weapon of equal capabilities already drawn or the player is within a vehicle they may take risks.
  •  Attempting stunts within suitable vehicles is permitted within reason of the roleplay.

For Example

Good: Players have robbed a bank and their getaway driver is in a Kamacho. They head off-road before taking a reasonably sized jump down to a motorway.

Bad: Players have robbed a store and have chosen motorbikes as getaway vehicles. Players immediately decide to use the motorcycles to jump from the top of a parking lot.

We do not want to dictate exactly how you should roleplay but we do want our player base to remember that it is all about the stories and not about a winning or losing mentality.

– Additional:

Car windows are not bulletproof. If your character is held up whilst in a stationary vehicle, they should still show fear and value their life in accordance with this rule.


For the Heists listed below, a rule of 4 people applies to each Heist. This means only 4 criminals will be allowed to participate in the Heist activity and Law Enforcement will adopt a +1 mentality.
This includes anybody within a set building or area. Heists can be tense Roleplay and during the Heist scenario, Law Enforcement are not permitted to shoot first – Outside of the Heist, this rule does not apply to Law Enforcement. If required or available, Law Enforcement is permitted to breach a Heist to keep things from becoming stale for all players involved.

We allow for later interference from criminals not directly involved in the Heist, such as – confusion tactics or vehicle replacements.

House Robberies currently fall under the rule of 4 as well. Spamming house robberies will be considered Win Mentality and is punishable as such. 

For any Heists that are not listed, please contact Staff via Modmail and a member of the team will discuss possibilities regarding the number of players involved and plans.

  • Store Robberies
  • Art Heist
  • Vangelico Robberies
  • Fleeca Bank Robberies
  • Paleto Saving Robberies

If you have any questions regarding Heists, please reach out to the team via Modmail.

Player Vs Player Robbery

Players cannot force other players to withdraw or transfer money to them. You can rob any petty cash they have on them.

Locals are everywhere, and we expect players to use common sense in where they conduct robberies against other players. Robbing someone in the open in a public space is going to have a lot of witnesses, both players, locals, and CCTV. Be creative in how you rob someone, ambush or lead them away to a secluded location to rob them.

Voice Changers

The only acceptable time to use a voice changer is when wearing a mask to increase/deepen tone to hide your character. Police and witnesses can not use your voice to identify you as evidence.


When you are employed within a player owned business, you MUST be working at the premises of employment or be carrying out tasks required of your employer. You are NOT allowed to gain income from these businesses whilst not working or carrying out required tasks.

If you are employed through the Job Center NPC jobs, it would make sense for your character to actually attend and carry out the job’s tasks from time to time. Realistically you wouldn’t continue to be paid for not turning up to work.

Appeals Process

Appeals Process

Arguing with a member of staff is not permitted, if you feel you have received a sanction unfairly or incorrectly, or feel you have further details which could change the context of the ban, you may reach out via our Modmail bot in Discord, explaining the situation from your perspective. In this situation the sanction will be reviewed by Server Management.

You may submit an appeal every 30 days, if your appeal is denied then you must wait.

If you insult or are aggressive towards staff you will be at risk of falling under the Harassment / Abuse sanction and could have additional sanctions applied to your case.